The Centuries-old, hand-crafted alter screen is the hallmark of Nuestra Senora del Rosario. Help us preserve the integri

The Challenge Ahead

These photos show only some of the areas that require attention. Over the years, repairs have been made, but a concerted effort must now be made to save priceless artifacts from decay. The campaign has been designed to fund the costs for experienced craftspersons, restorers, and contractors who are qualified to execute the project.
We invite you to submit photos of the building, and login to participate in the fund raising effort....as we begin the restoration, we will document, with photos, the entire process!

A Look at The Journey to Restoration

These photos show the amount of progress that we have been able to make thanks to the support and dedication of the people.  We are on a path to save priceless aftifacts, and preserve our unique culture.  These photos show the hard work and dedication that are being put into our mission, and we plan to continue and strive forward to restore and preserve not only art, but also our culture.